Hi there! I'm Carlos Hernández Gómez
aka Karliky from Spain

I’m a software developer focused on Quantum Computing, Reverse engineering and Full-stack development.

About me

I grew up getting into secret video game areas. I have always been curious about learning more about the world outside my own.

As a result of my wanderlust, my passport has been stamped in Asia and America. I visited many cities in Europe but I specially liked my trips to New York and Japan.

I'm a foodie person, I always want to know more about ingredients, preparations, chefs and food-culture. My favourite foods are Okonomiyakin, tonkatsu ramen and traditional valencian rice made in the oven.

I love reading books. I usually have copies of the book "The Swimmer in the secret sea" in my backpack so I can give it as a present to the people I know at the events I attend.

At the moment, I'm a consultant for Kairós DS, where I work on different projects related to design processes, software architecture and development.

Areas of interest

  • Quantum Computing
  • Computer Security
  • Virtual Machines internals (V8, Spidermonkey)
  • TDD and DDD
  • Exploration
  • Reverse engineering video games
You may clip our wings... But we'll always remember what it was like to fly.


Project decorative image

Machinima Studio for Guild Wars 2

A tool that let’s you create in-game cinematics for Guild Wars 2.

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Bugcraft Studio Open source machinima tool

All World of Warcraft versions supported from Alpha 0.5.x to Legion 7.2.x.


Path of Trade

  • Open-CV
  • image processing
  • electron.js
  • Diablo 2
  • in-progress

Item trading made easy for Path of Diablo. This tool recognizes Diablo 2 items in the game, then it extracts their info using OpenCV / Tesseract and displays the results in a seamesly integrated UI.

Battle for the front-end

  • Phaser
  • Canvas
  • in-progress

This project was made so that companies can make team building activities on their own. Teams should create their own Tank, which can shoot other tanks, dissapear, run fast, etc.
After creating a Tank, teams fight in rounds to win the game. This increases motivation in teams, improves communication, encourages creativity and it's a fun activity to practice.


  • reverse engineering
  • c++
  • completed

Memory management through JavaScript. A Node.js native addon that exposes different funcionalities to the JavaScript context from the C++ side. It can be use to call Win32 APIs from the JavaScript context.

Exponential backoff written in ES6

  • ES6
  • Node.js
  • algorithms
  • completed

JavaScript library that can be used to perform an Exponential Back-off algorithm to manage error-handling strategies for network applications.


RootedCON 2019 / March 28th / Madrid

Mission Impossible - Forbidden Areas

The third and last talk about the series of reverse engineering games I've made. #forbiddenareas #karliky #rooted2019

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Second talk about reverse engineering video-games with JavaScript.

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A talk in Spanish about JS internals and how JS Virtual- Machines work.

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In this talk I share the different methods to access secret places in video-games.


On June 8th, Exploration Reboot bid farewell to the fabled GM Island with a monumental 40+ man raid. This resulted in laughs, chatspam, and a whole lot of bans.

There are books that have a very striking cover, with others simply the author is already a guarantee that you will like them. Then there are those books that you neither know the author, nor the cover tells you anything. The Swimmer In The Secret Sea is one of those books...

It’s been a year since I started working at Ludei. In this time I have learned a lot as a programmer, I have learned that I want to keep on doing it, and also that I still have a long way to go to be as talented as any of my co-workers.